Top Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

Monday Jun 20th, 2016


Home Owners! Certain renovations can be a long and grueling process. So make sure you are picking the right renovation for your home in order to maximize the value in the short and long run. Put away the tool box first, let's look at the top ways to increase the value of your home.


#1: The Kitchen will always be King

You have probably heard by now that the kitchen is definitely the best option for increasing the value of your home. It will always give you the most return for your money. The kitchen is considered the heart and soul of every home, and it definitely deserves it. It's where you usually first sit down with guests that walk in and start your conversations. People with older kitchens will usually replace old cabinets with new modern ones. As well as putting in Granite or Quartz instead of the plastic variations. The most simple upgrade you could do in the kitchen is actually just replacing the knobs on the cupboards. It will change the look of the kitchen a lot without spending an arm and a leg. Another main thing to consider is to try to make the kitchen open as possible. The days of the walled off kitchen are over and it's probably a good thingwink


#2: Give that main washroom a new look

If your main washroom has cracked tiles, old sink/toilet this can damage the home buyer's perspective when first walking into it. Replacing those first should be your main priority. Secondly, give the walls a fresh coat of neutral paint to give it a fresh look. Nobody likes those old style washrooms with wallpaper (GOTTA GO). 


#3: The Outside needs to Make a Great Impression

Everyone appreciates a home that has a well-maintained exterior. Keep it looking great by adding simple flowers like perennials and small shrubs like evergreens. If you really want to keep it well maintained, look into getting a sprinkler system installed so it will automatically become more green and bright. If your lawn looks dull and a little yellowish, try a turf builder that will re-grow those areas to really make it look brand new. 



#4: High-Tech Home = Higher Valued Home

People will always be impressed by homes that are ahead of the curve with the latest technology. You will for sure awe people that walk in. Installing good quality built-in speakers to your TV area that connect to your sound system is a great way to increase the value of your home. It will also make watching the Raptors and Blue Jays that much better.  If you want to turn your home into a smart home, then check out all these different options at the home depot. From smart security cameras to lighting and garage doors that can be controlled from your phone. These things will make your home stand out as these are not the norm yet. 

Lastly, please know this..

Finishing your basement is the worst return for your money when renovating your home. However, if you will be enjoying your home for many years to come and the loss does not matter then do it. The value of your home will go up anyway over time. Putting a projector with surround sound is a way to create a cheap home theatre experience.

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