Ask the Agent: This Month’s Question (July 2016)

Wednesday Jul 13th, 2016


I live in a condo complex. How can I feel secure in my new home?

The good news is, you don’t need to hire Biff the bouncer from the nightclub downtown. Instead try these simple tips:

Lock ’em out: It can be tempting to leave your entrance unlocked while getting the mail or visiting a neighbour. Take a few extra seconds to lock up behind you. Check to make sure the door in your apartment condo (as well as the garage door) closes behind you. In townhouses, don’t hide your key. As convenient as it is for you, it’s convenient for burglars too.

Light ’em up: Common areas such as entrances, hallways, and walkways should be well lit. If you notice any burned-out bulbs, contact your building manager right away.

Shut ’em down: If your building requires buzz-in, make sure everyone uses it. It may feel rude, but don’t hold doors to let in strangers. If they belong there, they will either have a key or know someone who will buzz them in. 

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