Ask the Agent: This Month's Question

Monday Jun 20th, 2016


Finding that sweet spot between undervaluing and overvaluing your home can be difficult. As a homeowner, your personal attachment to your home, and the money you’ve put into it, can colour your judgment. You need to price your home correctly by considering a variety of factors: the current local market prices of similar homes that have sold recently in your neighbourhood; any upgrades; landscaping or condition issues; and proximity to schools, shopping, transit, and recreation.

It may be tempting to use online home evaluators for a quick quote. But in most cases, their data may not capture the full picture – such as whether the house needs extensive cosmetic upgrades – and error margins can often vary widely from city to city. So take their results with a grain of salt.

Real estate agents have years of experience, and great tools to help you set your price so that it accurately reflects all factors. Best of all, your agent will be more objective than you can be. 

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