Are Home Inspections Really Worth It?

Monday Mar 05th, 2018


Everyone says I should get a home inspection. Is an inspection really worth it?


Too often, buyers forgo a home inspection in an effort to save time and money. This is not the place to skimp. A home inspection is a crucial step in the home-buying process. Keep in mind the option to perform a home inspection is included in all standard real estate contracts. This should be a clue to buyers that it’s important.


A home inspection reveals any issues that are a safety concern or affect the value of the property. It allows the buyer to discover what items need to be replaced, serviced, or repaired immediately, as well as those that may require attention in the near future. Buyers can use the information to decide if they should walk away from a lemon or negotiate further with the seller for repairs or credit. They can also learn a great deal about the home, including what potential repair costs to expect down the line.


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